11 May 2005

what a hoot...

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Friendship goes a long way and takes great pains to make life happen.

Crossing the line? Lake Geneva student who wore dress to prom is suspended, fined $249 an article in the Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel reports a story about a high school student in Lake Geneva who agreed to be the prom date for a good friend who is gay and had no one to go with.

The twist? Kerry Lofy, the student who is a "jock" in the usual high school categorization, decided to wear a dress, as seen above. "Things got a little crazy," Lofy said Tuesday from home, where the 18-year-old senior is serving the suspension after Saturday night's antics. along with a $249 disorderly conduct fine.

The best quote from Kerry: "I looked like Marilyn Monroe...." I wouldn't go that far, but they do make a cute couple and I bet they were the life of the prom. Oh, this wasn't the first time Kerry has pulled stunts like this. Last year he wore a suit made out of duct tape to the prom!

we are all alike in our differences...

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