01 May 2005

trickle down effect...

The fast moving actions around the world must have an effect on everyone who hears things, either directly from the news or just overhearing what people are talking about. I wonder what affect this has on children? I have been noticing an unsettling attitude of children acting out aggressively toward each other - starting fights, shouting matches, feeling personal space threatened, and quick to react to anything they think is against them.

Children, too often, are considered just children with no responsibility in dealing with the occurrences they view or the bits and pieces of news they hear. All of it has to have an effect on them. They sense if adults around them are anxious about something, feel threatened, are confused, or have strong opinions about ideas. How many adults have taken the time to explain to children what's going on? I would bet very few. If this is true, children are behaving out of reaction instead of from understanding.

I wonder how many adults react the same way...?

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