14 May 2005

soldiers for Jesus...?

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This photo is either misleading or frightening. The Antiwarblog.com website makes it sound like a right-wing paramilitary organization hell-bent on using military to expand religious dominance in the military.

The A Tiny Revolution website makes a connection to it in regards to ...if there were a comparable group of middle eastern men with a comparable website with a comparable picture reading "Purpose: Impart faith in Mohammed," it would get a great deal of attention here. I wonder if this has gotten a great deal of attention in the middle east.

Eschaton (the original link where I found it) remarks This is getting scarier and scarier.

If you go to the website itself, Force Ministries, they are a group of ex-navy SEALS who purport to provide support to military chaplains who deal with military and their families with overseas deployment. Their mission is to provide "Christ-centered duty." One of the ways they "advertize" themselves is through a precision skydiving team.

The one thing that is scary is the name they gave to the photo "Christ is Love." They cite as their "defining passage:" From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. [Matthew 11:12]

force, love, force, love...?

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