31 May 2005

nothing better to do...? part X

What would happen if the Dali Lama, the Mexican National Action Party of Vicente Fox, or the British Anglican communion had sent representatives to the US in order to influence the presidential election in 2004?

First, it would have been illegal as identified by congressional law, and, second, the outcry would have been so loud that the conservative right would have been leading the charge for a declaration of war. Yet the "missionaries" are bent on exporting their beliefs and foisting their "agenda" on the rest of the world - Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and now Canada!

In a report entitled Anti-Gay US Groups Try To Seize Control Of Canadian Political Party from 365gay.com and gaynewsblog.com, Focus on the Family and other right-wing religious groups in the US are exporting their particular brand of bigotry.

Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado has reportedly sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to its Canadian affiliate to wage an anti-gay campaign and the Roman Catholic Knights Of Columbus in the US recently spent nearly $100,000 to print two million postcards to be distributed in Catholic churches across Canada for people to send to Members of Parliament opposing gay marriage.

Not only that but there is a direct link to the GOP: Harper and the Conservatives have been receiving help from the Republican Party. GOP advisers and consultants have been working with the party for more than a year.

It's going to be interesting to see who else is going to be covering this and what the response is going to be from Canadians. I'm going to Canada for two weeks in July. I'll have to keep my ears open and gingerly inquire when it seems judicious. I wonder if Canadians think that these people have...

nothing better to do...?

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