19 January 2009

the way i see it...

there is a huge, major difference between organized religion and humanism or atheism.

the vast majority of the world's organized religions see themselves as more deserving, more special and more equal than anyone else because of the beliefs in their gods, who promise them that their worship will give people a better chance of happiness and salvation. in that respect, it is all right to detract and discriminate against someone who does not believe. they are doomed and of no importance. [sort of shoots the idea hate the sin, love the sinner all to blazes.]

humanism and atheism, on the other hand, believe that ALL people have happiness and don't need salvation but a rewarded by the way they treat and revere others right here, right now, where it is the most important.

the second part of this is humanists/atheists don't go around overtly trying to convince/convert religious to come over to their side. they are willing to let the religious believe as they wish - as long as they allow them to believe as they wish, but even then, we tend to keep our mouths closed. this is usually not because of the heated exchange that might follow but because it's just not worth arguing logically with others who believe in myth rather than reality.

actually, when you think about it atheists are also humanists. interesting.

at least that's the way i see it...

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