01 January 2009



for the first time in many years, i spent New Year's Eve alone. well, with a terrible cold actually. having worked at both a bar and a restaurant years ago, i came to the conclusion that New Year's Eve was amateur night - let's see how drunk we can get...! i felt safer behind the bar.

for the last 14 years i've spent the evening quietly with friends. usually i cook a multi-course dinner with matching wines and go over the top. it's fun; i love to cook; and it's nice ringing in the new year this way. this year, friends went home for the holidays so we're skipping the tradition. plus, with this cold, i don't feel like doing anything.

that's not true. i had a glass of gin. not just any gin - Bombay Sapphire in the new designer martini glass i got for Christmas...

Happy New Year!

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