10 January 2009


posts have been few for a number of reasons. Monday Morning Mayhem and Weekender are easy because i can do them well in advance and they will post themselves.

for one thing, i got the double whammy over the holidays. i had that violent stomach flu Christmas week and then i caught a cold from kids so New Years week was worthless also. it was the first time i've stayed home New Year's Eve in many years. i think i was asleep by 8:30, maybe even 7:30. i can't even remember.

on top of that, the back problems continue. i need to have more surgery. it will be scheduled either the second or third week in February. to be better prepared, unlike the last one where there was nothing i could do, i've been working with a physical trainer who has a background in physical therapy and a massage therapist who specializes in therapeutic massage. the two have been working me to get my legs and abs strong enough to make it through the surgery better. both take up a lot of time and sometimes i've been completely wiped out - especially after the massage. go figure...

another reason for not blogging as much is that i'm just into not reacting to all of the s*** that's going on. i'm tired of hearing about Obama. it's all like a cultist thing and everything he's putting together is a Clinton administration. as i've written before, people should have just voted for Hillary - i did.

the crap going on in Illinois is beyond circus. you all, in other parts of the country, are hearing just a small portion and they are sensationalized.

there are very serious thoughts here that, even if Blago is forced out of the governorship since he's been impeached, the federal trial might be in big trouble. his attorneys have filed a motion to get Patrick Fitzgerald off the case because of the comments he's made in the initial press conference and since. he really may have blown it. he broke every policy involved with the federal handling of investigations with the comments he made. i don't think he was ready for the announcement but he was forced into it, and i don't believe it was because he felt it necessary because of his fear what Blago might have done. and if the federal trial goes bust, what fools are the Illinois legislators going to look like?

let me put it this way: it's near impossible for them to look bigger fools than they already are. the state politics in Illinois have always been an us vs. them - Chicago versus the rest of the state. meanwhile, the entire infrastructure is falling apart from schools to bridges to roads. all because they were constantly fighting with Blago instead of putting their focus where it should have been. hell, the Speaker of the Illinois House (Madigan) refused to speak to Blago for years.

as far as the happenings around the rest of the world, what's changed? the Middle East is the same old, same old. Israel does it's usual "The U.S. is changing presidents. We better do what we want now, because we don't know if the new guy will let us." and the Palestinians are doing the same things for the same reasons.

these people have been fighting for over 5,000 years. do they even know what they are fighting about anymore? as far as anti-semitism being at the heart of it? hellllloooo! both sides are semite! they all came from the same background of tribes.

same sex marriage? there are more important LGBTQ issues that need to be addressed. i know, i know. the leaders are saying that ENDA, DADT, and other basic rights are soooooo 1990's, but we still don't have them in all states. the U.S. Constitution still does not guarantee that all people are the same, no matter what the words are.

marriage of any kind seems to be on the way out. 50%+ divorce rates? more people procreating without being married, and they are doing it with a plan. that kind of shoots the marriage argument from the churches all to hell. the only thing you need to do to have children is screw.

if the wingnuts are really serious about saving marriage, they should be getting laws passed that outlaw divorce and have mandatory contraception until you get married. wouldn't that bolster their concept of ideal marriage? they could even go one step further. why not you have to pass a test and be certified before you can even have the fun to procreate? you don't get and A? NO screwing!

maybe David Vitter wouldn't have gotten into trouble. or the governor of New York. or Bill Clinton. hey, maybe it's an idea who's time has come.

and don't even get me started on the Panzerpope. "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

as you can see, my cynicism is at a very high level. that alone has been blocking me from posting. what use can it do? there's never going to be a change.

well, yes, there will be a change. in 13 days i'll be in Miami where it is 80° and then onto the Freedom of the Seas for an Atlantis cruise in the Caribbean.


sorry, i couldn't help but scream. we all need some sun and warmth since there has been so little of it...


anythingbutsad said...

I wish you the best with your health situation! Your thoughts are in alignment with mine when it comes to politics and world issues. I also voted for Hillary. Because I just knew that Obama would have a Clintonesque Admin. And why not have a woman who can actually do the job, if it's gonna be that sort of admin, anyhow? It's gonna be a long time, if ever, before we have the type of administration which so many long for. The climate's changed and I think it's time for America to take inventory. My attitude is, "Screw what's going on in the Middle East. There's hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs every month, and that is more important, IMHO."

mike/ said...

thanks for your thoughts. i'm going to make it through this surgery with flying colors.

i was just with a few friends and the topic came up. i had my first chance to say "I told you so." and they couldn't argue with me, especially when i started rattling off names, made the point on how white his selections are as well as old, and asked where the youth and LGBTQ reps, as well as Latino, representation is.

we have so many people in need here and the wisdom says that you can't take care of anyone else until you've taken care of yourself first. it's true. clean up the Madoff's and Haggert's and Dobson's and everything else, then use it as an example to the rest of the world.

i gotta calm down...