15 May 2009


Some American adventure tourists signed up for a guided expedition across the Sahara desert. Upon arriving at their starting point they were surprised to find that the entire journey was to be via camel.

They explained to the expedition leader how they were under the impression the trip was to be taken in four wheel drive vehicles.

"No no," said Ohmar, "There is no vehicle made that can survive the route we are taking across the desert. Only camels can make this trip and even they require special preparation"

"What kind of special preparation?" asked an American

"Well first I let the camel drink his fill of cool water and then just as he's taking his last sip I take these two bricks and slam them together on his nuts. The camel instantly sucks up another ten gallons of water... enough for him to survive the long

"My god," exclaimed the American, "that must really hurt"

"Not really," replied Ohmar, "only if I catch my fingers between the bricks"


i don't think i'm going to take a camel trip when i'm in Egypt this September, and, if i see any bricks, i'm going to run like helll...

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really, Maxx,
have you no sympathy?

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