05 May 2009

i haven't been taking much seriously, i guess...

i just was reviewing the last couple of weeks of posts. they've really been all monday morning mayhem's, weekender's and other funny stuff. (Zeus and Jupiter know we could use some laughs now-a-days.)

it's not that i haven't been reading the news, watching Obermann, Maddow & Maher, or haunting blog sites. i have been.

i have my daily round of news starting with "Morning Joe", reading the Chicago Sun-Times & the online New York Times: Global Edition, going to Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, following "Pam's House Blend", and watching ABC World News

actually, now that i think about what i just wrote, it is because i'm reading all of those things. they are filled with obfuscations.

they're depressing.

it's just one struggle after another and the more i read the more i realize that none of these things are real. they are all man-made.

AND then conflagrated and fanned by the media into bigger and bigger nonsense.

take the Miss California thing or the Joe the Plumber brouhaha. both of them have run over by two hours their fifteen minutes of fame, and it really should be called shame not fame. they've embarrassed themselves and they don't even know it!

so she's got fake boobs. so she posed for risque photos. so she gave an insane reasoning for posing - I'm a model. I pose

so he won't let his kids go near queers. so he pops up at strange Republican doings. so he wants to run for Congress.

they can do whatever they want. as the saying goes, It's a free country. if they want to made fools of themselves, let them.

neither one of these schmucks would be around the news today if the news didn't keep them there.

we are in a state of flux today. the United States, for the previous eight years can be compared to sixth grade girls. (i hate sixth grade girls!) they fight constantly because, well, because they look at each other funny.

Tsar George took us to war because Saddam looked at him funny (well, actually his father).

sixth grade girls stab each other for this. they then lie and cheat and torture everyone around them. they come up with logical reasoning for why they did what they did, and it's all legitimate in their reasoning.

the Tsar fabricated homeland security issues and reasons why his lackies didn't have to follow the law of the land, hedged on torture, and put the entire country into greater risk.

now, we are becoming seventh grade girls. we've come into a period of calm after a brief summer recess and are falling into a more realistic sense of need and led by a man who remains calm, cool and collected.

the only problem i have is that every once in a while those sixth grade girl habits will pop up when least expected.

AND seventh grade girls do something sixth grade girls don't - they keep their mouths shut and don't let you know what's really going on with them.

that scares me.

so, i'm going to keep making funnies and once in a while pointing out and commenting on obfuscations. i might be raging inside but what good will it do to vent it all. my story has always been, "No one ever listens to me. So why should I bother?" it's a safe place for me to be. believe me. really safe.

and i will listen to what Maxx has to say and laugh along with him. he laughs all of the time. maybe he's got the right idea...

Hysterical Dog.gif
you go Maxx...
have another glass of gin.
oh, sorry. Bombay Sapphire...

i think i'll join him.

[i know. my cynicism is on my sleeve right now. really on BOTH sleeves, in my pocket, out on the front lawn...]

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