21 May 2009

the former vice-president...

i love the way that Chris Matthews pronounces his name - Cheeney.

just listening to the excerpts from his speechifying today at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank [an oxyomoron?] i wish the man would just go away.

i realize that i'm a small cog in the wheel of Republicans and Democrats who wish the same thing.

Cheeney is so over the top he borders on mental. that anyone can believe that it is right to harm another person for any reason is beyond me.

he says that he saved thousands of lives with this actions; he says the safety of the U.S. was strengthened because of his actions; and he believes that what he did is forgivable.

it's not.

he is diminished in his humanity and he has diminished the humanity of the country.

if he were a priest, i'd use the line i've used in several previous posts - here...

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