16 May 2009

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if you're not familiar with Listverse: The Universe of Lists, you should be. it's list of just about everything and it's brilliant. they include everything from history to food to politics to spooky sports curses to... you name it. you can also sign up for a daily list that they send to your email inbox.

this is today's emailed list:

10 Cases of Conservative Hypocrisy

here's just one from today's list and its #1 -

1 Strom Thurmond

strom thurmond100.jpg-tm.jpg

Hypocrisy: Blocking Civil Rights for His Own Child

When South Carolina Gov. Strom Thurmond ran for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket, he vowed to bar blacks from white schools, restaurants, and even some occupations. But at the same time he was preaching segregation, he was secretly financing the business administration degree of Essie Mae Washington, a black coed at the all-black South Carolina State College. Why? Because it is widely believed that Ms. Washington is his daughter. By supporting a black woman he supposedly sired, Thurmond considered himself remaining loyal to a Southern Gentleman’s code that required white boys, who often learned about sex “on the colored side of town,” to take care of any children they fathered. To his very death, Thurmond never confirmed nor denied Ms. Washington as his daughter, even when the headline: “SEN. THURMOND IS UNPRINCIPLED — WITH COLORED OFFSPRING — WHILE PARADING AS A DEVOUT SEGREGATIONIST” ran in the Edgefield Advertiser, where Ms. Washington went to school.

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