15 April 2009

used car sales...

well, it was bound to happen. i've posted about the Bugatti Veyron a number of times in the past. it makes me moist.

as a refresher, it is a model limited to 300 with various incarnations. the original price was $1.1 Million on the base model. the special models like the Sang Noir went for up to $1.6 million.

one of the more coveted models is the Pur Sang (Pure Blood) that has no paint on it but is polished metal. there were only 5 made.

well, the economic downturn has forced one of the lucky five to sell his prized Veyron. below is a picture of it in the used car salesroom in Dubai!

Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang - used.jpg.jpeg

now, remember, when you drove your new car directly off the dealer's lot it decreased in value around $5,000-$10,000 dollars, depending on model.

this little gem is being sold - used - for $5,801,687.50!

without sales tax. if you lived in Illinois there is only one Bugatti dealer in Chicago, and the sales tax is 11.25%! yeah, we have the highest in the nation.

so the sales tax would be $290,084.375. don't forget that you would also have to then pay for transfers and other documents, and we have a mandatory law for auto insurance.

hmmmmm? i wonder if a person who can afford a car worth that much money is required to have insurance? i mean, if they can afford the car, they can afford to have it fixed and also the person's car if they hit someone. dontcha think?


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