09 April 2009

obfuscating obfuscations: it's still ALL about sex...

Both as a social institution and as a public policy, marriage exists to foster connections between heterosexual sex and the rearing of children within stable households. It is a non-coercive way to channel (heterosexual) desire into civilized patterns of living. State recognition of the marital relationship does not imply devaluation of any other type of relationship, whether friendship or brotherhood. State recognition of those other types of relationships is unnecessary. So too is the governmental recognition of same-sex sexual relationships, committed or otherwise, in a deep sense pointless.
The Future of Marriage, The National Review
by The Editors

there is no fight to protect traditional marriage. it's all about the sex, no if's, and's or but's about it.

the editorial in yesterday's National Review is explicit in this core belief, and that of the organizations like National Organization for Marriage.

since they can't save their favorite bastion of tradition from their own sort by stopping a divorce rate of over 50%, keeping their teenagers out of each other's pants, stopping the onslaught of couples merely living together, or decreasing the number of single parents, they latch onto the evil that dare not speak its name - non-missionary position sex.


maybe part of the problem is what they consider normal sex boring but don't want to admit that they enjoy, you know, the kinky stuff, but their beliefs, or at least their pastors, tell them they can't...?

any way, why are they so fixated on sex? it's really highly overrated, isn't it?

just asking...

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