09 April 2009


i just can't be serious all of the time. it doesn't make me evil... just normal.

How Long Could You Last On A Gay Pirate Ship?

i was amazed i'd last that long.
how long did you last?

of course, the doctor does keep telling me i'm getting older. i saw him Wednesday and he didn't say it. probably because i've told him i'd slap him the next time he did.

calm down, he's married and has kids...
{minds in the gutter...}

ummmmmm... i suppose after the previous three serious posts, if NOM or any of the other wingers comes here, they are probably saying,

"See, see. We told you so!"

i guess i'd have to respond to them with,

"Lighten up! It's only a banana in my pocket."

i told you i can't be good all the time - it's boring!

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