01 September 2007

craig's resignation statement...

You can read it here - New York Times, September 1, 2007.

It is a serious, thoughtful and well written statement. I have not heard a recording or seen a video of the statement yet, but I will when I get time. Consequently, I can't comment on his tone, expression, etc. right now - only on the words.

On my first reading, I had one continuous thought - "Craig didn't write this." Reading it a second time I continued to thing the same thing.

In reading and hearing other things he has said, it not only doesn't sound like his use of words, but it is very well written. Not something that I have noticed in previous things of Sen. Craig's.

I don't understand the September 30th thing. The Republican leadership and members leave themselves open for 29 days more days that could lead to even more disaster. They have been very good at this as of late.

Maybe this was a compromise with Craig to get him to resign. It may also have been an attempt at face-saving for whom I'm not sure. We'll see...

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