05 September 2007

Comment: one good thing could happen with the Craig situation...

at least we can hope.

Sen. Craig is getting a taste of what we all have to go through, of what people think we are, of what people say and do to us because of who we are, and of how we are kept as second-class citizens being denied all the same rights of everyone else. The least response of all these beliefs is the fact that we are proven guilty before we are even accused.

Whether Sen. Craig is gay or not, as I have said in previous post, is no of concern to me. Personally, I don't think that he is gay. To be gay one has to embrace the LGBT community and all it is. Freely choose. Obviously, he does not choose.

LGBT is often referred to as the third sex. From things I've been reading lately and thinking myself, maybe there is a fourth sex - those either male or female who participate in same-sex actions just for its own sake and pleasure without identifying as anything. After all, from what has been reported lately, the majority of the men arrested and charged in the kind of escapade of which Sen. Craig is accused, are usually married with families.

Some LGBT activitists say that these men are merely denying that they are gay. They are conflicted. They are afraid. Maybe some are. What if, I say if, they do not see themselves as gay? Couldn't it be that they are only sexual and indiscriminate? They have sex with whomever is available just to have sex. It's possible.

Yes, they lead a lonely life when it comes to this aspect of it. They chose it. They live in constant fear of being discovered while engaging in public sex because it adds to the thrill along with the possibility of getting caught. Who knows.

I believe that people, like Sen. Craig, lend an evil and disparaging picture on those of us who embrace the LGBT moniker and are proud of it. They are not worth my time and, if the main stream media and right wingnuts want to waste their own energies in pointing loudly at them, let them. We will prevail because of our strength and courage.

I am proud that the majority of LGBT media and blogs have actually supported Sen. Craig this past couple of weeks. It would be hypocritical on our part if we were to attack him for who/what he is - gay or not. Just as the Christianists say, "Hate the sin, love the sinner," we should hate the despicable stands that men and women like Craig take to discriminate openly against others, but we must defend them for being who/what they are. Whatever that is.

The good thing that could happen with the Craig incident? I hope that Sen. Craig may understand how we actually have to go through the things we do and to change both his opinions and his actions because of it. He may begin to show some small glimmer of sympathy, to understand that we are not monsters as the wingnuts preach, to realize that we are some one's sons and daughters, and to stand and protect the rights of all citizens of the the United States no matter who they are, what they believe or what they do.

I said hope.

I believe in the Hopi adage that, "When hope is gone, life is over."

I refuse to give up hope...

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