01 November 2008

taxes, taxes, taxes...

i'm really tired of hearing the Mcpains harping on the alleged tax increase interpretation they believe Senator Obama's economic plan will bring.

if you go to Obama's website (Obama-Biden Tax Calculator), there is a calculator that you can enter your income and find out what his plan means to you. my taxes would decrease by about $575. i haven't found the same at the Mcpain website, and, please, correct me if i'm wrong.

so, there is a question that comes to my mind about the Republican nominee's real plan. i don't completely understand it and i think that they are hiding that their plan will continue to support corporate welfare.

there is a very simple solution - a flat tax. [by the way, this link is to the Heritage Foundation. no fly-by-night organization.]

charge individuals the exact same rate - say 17% - with no deductions or loopholes. i might rethink capitol gains or losses, because they may have a long term effect on investment and people could get hit with a large amount all at once that would exceed a true 17% picture.

then, have a separate tax program for corporations that would be similar to a flat tax system but with benefits for growth.

there are a few plans out there and you can find them for yourself by going to a Google search. (just click on the word Google to a search i've begun already)

somehow, though, i don't think that either Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain would go along with this right now. the powers that be are in such dire straits that there would be too much pressure from them with very little logic and fear that they may lose somthing.

however, most of the countries that have gone with a flat tax have shown an economic growth overall.

we need to completely rethink government at this point. it has become so complicated that i don't think the Founding Fathers would recognize it. it's become like the English language: there are rules of grammar and usage to follow but there are so many exceptions it makes it more confusing and difficult.

think about it...

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