02 November 2008

political yard signs...

I grew up in the community in which I now live. I moved back to the house when my father died about 18 years ago to help my Mom with my sister who was handicapped.

I have seen the community change since I was 5-years old but slowly. It is a small city on the near Southwest side of Chicago. The Chicago city limits is one block from my house.

The median (one of the most inaccurate statistics) income is around $39,000, lower than Chicago and surrounding communities. Per capita income is $19,149. The population of 4,467 is 3.8% Latino and 94.8% White, leaving 1.4% in the other category. Yes, as of the 2000 census, the African-American population was 0.00% and my observation would be that, with the exception of mixed-race children, it is still the same. The median age of residents is 38-years old, higher than most communities. [info from Wikipedia, nationmaster.com & MuniNetGuide]

I'm citing this data to make a couple of observations in my 56 year history with the city. It has always been conservative, mostly Catholic, blue-collar, and family oriented. As the older residents began dying, their children usually took over the homes and stayed. This is my case, as it were, also. I, however, do not fit into the demographic outline for the most part. I am liberal; I made, before retiring, well over $100,000 a year; I left the Catholic church and actually consider myself an existential atheist; and I never married because it is illegal for me to do so in the State of Illinois (LGBT). The only way that I fit into the demographic is I decided to live in my childhood home after my mother and sister died.

So, back to the topic of the post heading - political yard signs...

Normally with elections, the community is very active. You can see supporter signs all over the city. I was in one of the western suburbs (Naperville) the other day and was struck by the literal hundreds of signs I saw.

Driving through the neighborhood in my community it is patently obvious something is going on.

Except for one lady who wrote a letter to the small biweekly paper reporting her Obama sign was stolen, there are no signs for Obama, McCain, Senator Durbin, etc. The only sign on many lawns is to support the Fire District referendum to increase the tax rate that has stayed the same for many years. [I voted for the increase.]

I am not sure what this means, besides it being such an obvious change from past history.

Does it mean that people are supporting Obama but don't want anyone to know it? Or, does it mean they are supporting McCain but don't want anyone to know it?

I really am not sure. I'm going to have to look closely at the precinct results when they come out on Wednesday or Thursday.

at the least, it kind of makes me a little more hopeful.

i would think that most people who live here would vote for McCain...

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