04 November 2008

in spite of my cynicism...

if the election goes as i hope it will, i will be one of the first in tears. i've already been feeling moments here and there of emotion.

my godson just texted me to say IT'S HERE! VOTE! VOTE! he is so unbelievably excited about this whole election and has been for a long time. it has been great seeing him involved in something like this in his 26 years. the only other thing he's ever been enamored of is sports.

he sees the potential for something big in an Obama elected. i do also. he sees the start of a promise that has been long in coming. i do also.

i have waited for 40 years to be able to say that the concept of hope with which i sustain my existence may move closer to reality.

yet, It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

she's warming up right now...

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the cajun said...

I am with you. Hope really kicked in today when I saw the long lines at my polling place. I vote in a small town nearby, arrived 15 minutes after they opened and had to stand in a torrential rain for half hour with about 200 neighbors - all in pretty high spirits.
May that fat lady sing loud and long.

I am usually a lurker, but decided to double the hope for today.