21 February 2005


First, Hunter S. Thompson died by his own hand last night which is not all that surprising because he had a tendency to be self-destructive not only in his writing but in his life as well. Second, by a vote of 389-38 the US House of Representatives passed the Broadcast Decency Act that can levy fines of up to $500,000 for a single incident of foul language or salacious material making its way onto the public airwaves. The government wants to thwart free speech under the guise of protecting our youth. A youth that watches cable t.v. with every imaginable word and scene you can think of with little or no guidance from responsible adults.

Hunter Thompson was the leader in gonzo news reporting that came about in the '60's. It placed the reporter in the first person narrative inserting him/herself into the story as both the reporter of what was going on and his/her own personal reaction to it. He also prided himself as writing about the "underbelly" of America. His best known work was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that was made into a movie with Johnnie Depp. It was purported to be autobiographical and probably was.

Friends and I went to Aspen, where Thompson lived, for a number of summers to vacation. There were always stories about Hunter Thompson in the air when we were there. Once, while we were in Aspen, he "accidently" shot his wife or girl-friend. There were always reports of shots being fired at his home. His favorite hang-out was a place called "Woody's." We ate there a couple of times. [Great food] though I never saw him. I believe one of my friends did. He was controversial at all times not only in his writing but in his personal life as well. That's the point of gonzo reporting.

The Broadcast Decency Act would place restrictions on the types of things people can say or show on the "public airwaves," the free stations, and not only the station but the individual who says it: We're talking about a single incident of someone making potty jokes or saying a naughty word on the radio, or flashing a bit too much skin on television.... Richard Roeper in the February 21, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Is this the first step? What about saying something on the train? At the airport? In your home? Where will it end? Though the tapes of Bush reveal that he is at least partially human, his supporters have an agenda that they are putting into place step-by-step, freedom-by-freedom, and right-by-right. These supporters believe that they have the ultimate privilege because they put Bush into office.

They are definitely a minority. It was just the numbers that put Mr. Bush into office not an overwhelming majority. This is a reverse case of "majority rules, minority rights." The minority is not just ruling; it is pushing a fascist-type agenda to control every aspect of the American way.

What would Hunter Thompson have to say about this development?

just asking...

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