30 July 2009

if you're reading this at 5:45 am...

my flight just took off for Honduras.

a group of us from HEDAC, the charity of which i am treasurer, is on it's way to work for the next week with the schools we've adopted in Morazan. i have two loaded bags of shoes and clothes for the kids.

we will be painting the two new schools we just adopted and beginning our special project - School Gardens. now that the fences we built are finished they will be protected.

besides rehabbing the schools, we built kitchens in each of them. the government, sometimes, will send beans and rice to the schools and we thought that giving each of the schools the ability to support itself, in a sustainable way, would add not only to the nutrition of the kids, but also there is a lot of teaching and learning that can go along with it.

our pilot garden at Escuela Luis Landa is a big success. i've posted a couple of pictures below. the kids are doing all of the garden work themselves. it's really great.

i know there is a bit of a political problem, if you've been reading the news, but a couple of us are already down there and saying you wouldn't know there is a problem. we'll be in the north near San Pedro Sula and most of the problems are in the far south on the Nicaraguan border and there is no violence anywhere in the country.

i'll be out of touch since connectivity is not widespread in Honduras, but when i'm back, i'll post some pictures and information about the trip.

if you would like to help, click here - HEDAC - check out our website and make a donation. the kids really appreciate all the help you give.



Luis Landa kids working in garden.jpg
kids working in the garden...

Luis Landa Garden Project - weeking.jpg
kids weeding the garden

Landa kids with vegetables.jpg
some of the vegetables of their work...

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