08 February 2009

papal obfuscated audacity...

I know this doesn't come directly from the Panzerpapa but he is the one who started this entire brouhaha by re-communicating [can that be a real word?] the bishop in England who denies the wholesale slaughter of Jews in WWII - Williamson - and is now trying to rehabilitate him.

Pope's Holocaust denier agrees to investigate whether Holocaust actually happened - rejects visit to Auschwitz Americablog, February 7, 2009.
"Since I see that there are many honest and intelligent people who think differently, I must look again at the historical evidence," the British bishop was quoted as saying.

He's going to revisit the historical evidence? What universe is this man living in? Why is he refusing to go to Auschwitz? What is he afraid of? The truth?

When I visited Dachau near Munich, I cannot describe the sense of overwhelming dread, sadness and shame I felt for humanity, or should I say lack of it. This man is the epitome of what caused this to happen.

For the church to even consider recognizing him would be a sin in their catechism and dogma. Hell, he should be drummed out of the human race not just the RC church.

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