26 February 2009

Limbaugh and his wish for Obama's failure...

i'd like to hear how

...big ole Rush would react if someone made a statement like: "We want Rush to die!"

it really is not a very nice thing to say but it's one solution to dealing with a problem; it's on the same wave length as his liking Obama to fail; and it would have the same effect on the American people.

no, wait! it wouldn't.

the American people would be much better off by not being subjected to constant belittling because they are not in the right class or have the correct beliefs. the beliefs that Rush and his minions want to foist against all of the hopes and works of the men and women who created this nation, who fought to protect this country, and who sought to increase the freedoms promised by the "Declaration of Independence" and the Constitution.

i've often found it amazing that there is always a group in this country who has had to fight for the rights and freedoms that they already have because of the two documents.

African-Americans weren't fighting for new rights as history of bigotry has portrayed their struggle; they already have it.

Women weren't fighting for new rights to vote or equality in the workplace; they already had it according to the documents.

LGBTQ are not fighting for a new right to form unions equal to other groups; they already have it according to the documents.

talk about obfuscation...

at the basis of all Limbaugh's statements [and not verbally spoken] is always one thought: if they get what we already have, we won't have as much power and wealth.


[note: i posted this as a comment over on Pam's House Blend in an article Pam wrote - Rush: The 'Hell We Don't' Want Obama To Fail!' i decided i wanted to post it here also. Limbaugh is a great obfuscation from head to toe.
thanks, Pam!]

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