10 February 2009

i was going to give him/them a chance...

i decided that i cannot.

there is just too much at stake. the battle for change is slow and tedious. though it is necessary to work in this way for continued and permanent change, we cannot afford the comfort. Obama has to do some change in his own thinking and behaviour. in order to do away with the way things were always done in Washington, he need not compromise; he needs to destroy it.

until the ruling members of Congress are out, there will be no difference. there will be no progress. the work of the netroots movement is already being stymied by their blind faith. the roadshow in Elkhart and Fort Meyers was just that - a roadshow. now there needs to be substance.

the first two people that i believe need to go? Pelosi and Reid. they are just going to perpetuate the normal way things have been done.

the next is the Republicans - the entire party. they have been obstructionists ever since Reagan and Gingrich and they hold a new theory behind their behaviour. one that smacks of a reworking of the Divine Right of Kings. privilege is undemocratic and unfair, and they are the epitome of both.

as a reminder: i am not nor was i an Obama supporter after he announced running for the presidency. he reneged on a promise he made to the people of Illinois and he always took the no-road in his decision making. it doesn't work in Washington, and he needs to learn that fast. so if what i write seems harsh, it is. as i said above, there is too much at stake. and if i sound bitter, it's the taste in my mouth because, "I told you so."

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Jamie said...

Hear hear! That all goes double for me, Mike.

I'm sick of them all. We need term limits immediately, so we don't encounter the same stifling crap with the next bunch as well.

And the republican party could not be more out of touch if they lived on Mars. Did you hear Michael Steele the other day on Stephanopoulis? "Those aren't jobs, they're work?"

Tell that to the people waiting for that "work" so they can feed their families, jackass.