22 August 2008

the reality...

i know i've been going on and on about the BV [see, i'm not even going to write it all out] for the last few days and, if you've been following along, you probably have figured out why.

what the reality is that my lease was coming to an end and i needed to make a decision about what to do. i've looked at all kinds of cars, made all types of considerations in my head, and driven too many recently that it gets confusing.

in the end it came down to financials [i want to buy rather than lease this time] and what i know best.

i have been driving the Infiniti FX35 for three years now and had a G35 before that. they are unbelievably reliable cars. if the payoff on the lease wasn't more than what the FX is worth with the wonderful economy that Tsar George and Dick Rasputin have put us into, i would consider buying out the lease. actually i did consider it. as it is, that's not the best thing with the economy. if you've been reading the news, Chryseler has already decided to stop leasing and Ford, GM and Toyota are on the brink of announcing they may also. another reason to buy this time.

so, when taking everything into consideration, i decided the best thing was to pick a car that would be extremely dependable in the long run and may be a car i would decide to keep for the long run. with the standard warranty of 4 years or 60,000 miles and the extended 7 years or 100,000 miles, i choose to stay with Infiniti, only the smaller EX35.

here's the one i picked:

Infiniti EX35.jpg

the color is called Dark Currant and the interior will be in a Chestnut leather. it will take a few days for delivery because they have to ship it in from another dealer.

when i texted my godson about it, his response was


i agree...

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