27 August 2008

can't someone tell Tweety to STFU?

It's been excruciating to watch MSNBC during the actual convention coverage because of Chris Matthews. He speaks over everyone, including people on the podium that are being covered; he makes inane comments; and he makes Keith Olbermann show faces that border or WTF is he saying almost out of embarrassment.

I guess, maybe, it's because Tweety thinks he wants to run for the Senate himself. [If there is a god, s/he better put the kabosh on it.]

David Mixner posted what may be some proof:
Now MSNBC's Chris Matthews just can't keep quiet. With the rumors swirling that he wants to run for Senate in Pennsylvania, Queerty.com reports this exchange happened between Matthews and publisher Mark Segal from the Philadelphia Gay News when he asked Matthews about marriage equality. When caught off guard, Matthews talked about freedom but didn't answer the question. When the reporter pressed, this very testy exchange occurred:

Segal: Well, where are you on the issue?
Matthews: I have an open heart. I’ll have to live with it.
Segal: In other words, you won’t answer the question.
Matthews: I can answer it the way I have, which is any fucking way I want. I can answer in my way even if it isn’t your way.

and people wonder why i stopped doing posts on this election. it's populated by idiots!

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