08 February 2006

a real start...

Andrew Sullivan.com found a great website that has a lot of cartoons about the Islamic brouhaha over in Europe regarding the Danish cartoon. I didn't see the original cartoon but there many, many others and I didn't go through all of the pages.

You can find them here - Darryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

This is my personal favorite. It's by Vince O'Farrell, Wallongong, Australia in The Illawarra Mercury & The Melbourne Express.

Jesus & God - ofarrell

Is it offense? Maybe. Is it freedom of speech? Absolutely! Is it able to bring different sides to the story? You betcha. Is it cause to riot, kill, mame, burn, spit on other's beliefs? No freakin' way!

I look at it this way. If it offends me, I ignore it. If it stops my freedom of speech, I'll fight it. If it teaches me something about others, I'll embrace it. If it causes me to go out and rape & pillage, I have to realize that I'm not the only person in the world and I have no right to demand that others do or belief as I say.

...what to you think?

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