20 February 2006

Divine, just divine...

I was reading an article in the new Time Online Edition about David Hockney, Twilight of the Bad Boy, and came across this picture of Divine that Hockney had painted.

Divine by David Hockney

It's amazing how David Hockney captured Divine.

I met her once, though I really wouldn't say I met her as you will see, when I was working at a bar, the Bushes, in Chicago during the 80's. She walked into the bar after a performance at a Chicago venue. She sat down at a corner bend in the bar, ordered a vodka, and threw-up all over the place. [It wasn't an auspicious meeting.]


1 comment:

Aethlos said...

it's fitting that her tombstone is covered with liquor bottles, parole cards, and used condoms. as charming as divine herself. :)