25 February 2006

as if I didn't know...

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 83%

Your job is a disaster - it's surprising you've lasted this long.
You need to quit if you can, even if you don't have another job lined up.
As far as stressful work situations go, yours is off the scale brutal.
Almost any job would be better than what you've got!

[These things are just like the horoscopes, but a lot more fun.]

Actually, I'm surprised at the 83%! I would have thought it to be higher. Though, the description fits. The problem is that I like what I do.

...ain't that weird?

1 comment:

Glenn said...

I took the quiz and got a slightly higher score. There aren't any questions for things like my 20 kids I'm working closely with, or the girl who just told me she wants to be an engineer, or the kid I'm working with to join a summer program.

Masochism is just part of the job!