08 January 2010

the Facebook experiment...

so it's been a couple few months since i joined Facebook. it's been interesting, but it lacks something.

it lacks any intimacy in the form of familiarity or real friendship.

it's selective much on the order of high school cliques.

i had hoped that it would lead to insight into things going on in the world by becoming "friends" with certain people.

it worked in some cases, and in others it was superficial at best.

there are dedicated people who use it as a clearinghouse, but even they lessen their comments and that leaves one to question what is the motivation behind their comments and posts.

i was even "unfriended" [the 2009 word of the year] by one of my personal friends because she found my posts to be depressing because i dealt with issues of people in pain and in positions where they were being either physically or mentally harmed and i questioned why no one really does anything about it.

i've thought about deactivating my account, but i'm going to keep it and follow some more. plus, i really did meet some very neat people on FB and would like to stay in contact with them.

we'll see...

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