12 July 2008

iPhone madness...

No, I'm not talking about all of the people who stood in line for the new 3G version, nor the problems with activation on the first day of sales, nor the update problems with the previous versions.

I'm talking about all the headlines in most all major news sources - papers, television, and radio - that focused on the fact that there were problems.

It happens every time Apple has problems with a new product of any kind. It's made into BIG news, as if it's spelling out the death of the brand.

Think! how many times do you hear about snafus by Microsoft? Hardly ever, compared to the vast amount of problems they seem to have on a daily basis. Do they consistently make the headlines?


Does Microsoft's stock tank a bit each time?


Does it take days or weeks for Microsoft to fix the problem?

Yes. In the case of Vista, it's still not fixed almost three years later.

Apple fixed all the problems by the afternoon yesterday. After trying around noon, I had version 2.0 of the software completely installed and working by 5:00 pm.

I've gone through this Apple scenario for, well, my first Apple was a II so you can imagine how long it's been.

As far as the stock, it went down $4.05 yesterday, but so did most other stocks. Some media said it went down because of the problems. Hell, I've watched the stock go down when they come out with a brand new, phenomenal product. It's Apple! People have this mindset that it is a toy company. If it weren't for Apple, think about this, there would be no Microsoft. Mr. Gates borrowed the whole idea.

Also, as far as the stock, I bought it at $17 and some change years ago. Even though it went down $4.05 yesterday, ending at $172.58 for the day, my investment has a increased 1000%!

Hello!!! buy an iPhone. Please...

iPhone 3G.png

my retirement funding needs a little help more help...

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