02 January 2006

a serious question...

Is there any way that Mr. Bush can extend his term of office, constitutionally or legally, short of military tactics?

just asking - curiously...


Aethlos said...

constitutional amendment... but it won't happen. he's leaving... i've seen a bush "countdown" clock on some blogs... you can download it somewhere i'm sure. :)

Mike/ said...

Thanks for visiting my weblogs and I'm really glad you find them interesting.

Check this out from the New York Times today about repealing the 22nd amendment.
[free registration required, if you don't have it.]

Seems that Congress has had quite a few motions on repeal, the last being February 2004. I'm not sure I can agree with all of the authors' arguments, but I find them interesting and food for serious thought. I would think long and hard if, rather than a 4 year term, it would include a vote of "no confidence" like in Britain. It certainly would do away with the circus that was impeachment a few years ago that held the country hostage. It would also be a great benefit today with the Abramoff and NSA spying events. Congress, rather than investigating, would have a leverage over the president and eliminate what the authors of the op-ed in the NYT termed "second termitis."