26 January 2006


While on vacation last week I made several art purchases at an auction. I expressly went for this piece.

serge by Tomazs Rut

It is an intaglio on paper by Tomasz Rut entitled "Serge." The minute I saw it, it spoke to me. I wish that all of its emotion and intensity could come across through posting it here, but you have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.

You can see more of Rut's work here: Tomasz Rut Fine Art

There is always something ethereal about art work that speaks to some people and misses for others. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The auction also had Peter Max's, Dali's, Picasso's, & Rembrandt's, and a number of others. This is a range of works - from classical to pop.

Though I can appreciate Peter Max, I wouldn't say his work is something of which I'm fond. Overly colorful. Exaggerated.

The Dali's, of course, make one think deeply because of their seeming absurdity. Melting. Floating. Unreal.

Picasso reinvented art into a new direction, not once but a number of times - cubism, line drawing, his blue period. Simplicity. Complexity. Thought provoking.

Rembrandt is the classical realist in portraiture. What I find interesting in his works are the stories behind each one. A soul. A person. His grandmother.

There is an entire realm of possibilities in art that can make us laugh, cry, retch, yawn.... All responses are accurate.

"Serge" will be delivered in a few weeks. I haven't decided where exactly he is going to go. I have a number of nudes, mostly female bronzes, and he will be a beautiful addition. He will have a good home.

... I wouldn't mind meeting the real Serge either!

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