21 June 2005

poli-sci 101 question...

How many branches of government does the U.S. have? If you answered "three" consider again.

Senator Frist (R-Tenn), Senate Majority Leader, stated "Tuesday he won't schedule another vote on John R. Bolton's nomination as U.N. ambassador and said President Bush must decide the next move."

In less than two hours Frist changed his mind. "Reversing field after a meeting with President Bush, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said he will continue pushing for a floor vote on John R. Bolton for U.N. ambassador."

The purpose that the Constitution writers established three branches was to include a system of "check and balances." This, along with "states' rights" would assure that no single person or group of people could gain power such as the monarchy of George III or other despots.

Mr. Frist meets with the president and immediately reverses his previous decision? A check? A balance?

Another indication that Rove, Bush, et al still seem to be in the frame of mind that they know what is best for the country and the citizenry based on their own quest for power, using religion, creating a private "agenda...?" What happened to the "will of the people?"

just asking...

Thanks to ameriblog for the heads up.

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