28 June 2005

"is there in truth no beauty..."

I posted this over on towelroad in response to the post entitled "Got Their Freak On." Andy Towle is actually responding and reporting on the media's emphasis on what is considered the bizarre aspects of Pride parades. It's what sells papers, magazines, and air time commercials.

What I fear is the response of gays who are into proving themselves to be like "straight normal" people or just like everyone else. You don't have to be straight to be normal. Marrying, having children, buying houses, paying off mortgages, being lawyers, practicing medecine, making movies, producing television, recording music has nothing to do with being "normal." It has to do with being human. We are all humans before we are gay, straight, black, white, British, Irish, conservative, liberal....

Here is what I wrote:

I bemoan the fact that parts of the community have such a strong bent to be portrayed as "normal" according to the conservative viewpoint.

Are the big "hooters" at Hooters normal for straight society? Are the drunken revelers at Mardi Gras normal for straight society? Are thong bikinis worn by 40 year old overweight Cuban women in South Beach normal for straight society? Is Paris Hilton washing a car in a scanty leather outfit for a hamburger restaurant normal for straight society? Is a divorce rate of over 50% normal for straight society?

Equality does not mean "sameness." We have been struggling openly since Stonewall for 36 years to be identified as equal. We have not been struggling all this time to be the "same," and neither has straight society.

There is a place for everyone: married, transgendered, straight, butch, bear, drag, tranny, speedoed, poz, etc., etc., etc.
"The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity. And in the way our differences combine to create meaning and beauty."

We are all perfect, whole and complete just the way we are, and we are the same in our differences. Pride celebrates the diversity that the community was founded on and fights to keep alive... for everybody. Not just gays.

think about it...

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