11 October 2009

JFK Hates Democracy...

i was watching the two-part series on the Discovery Channel, JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America, earlier this evening, and at the beginning i struck by something that i saw in vintage film that was being shown.

the footage was of JFK & Jackie getting ready to board Air Force One in Fort Worth for the short flight to Dallas. The date was November 22, 1963.

in the crowd of mostly well wishers and people that were excited to see the President and First Lady was a man in a fedora and trench coat. he was holding a large sign that said:

JFK Hates Democracy

this film was shot approximately 2-3 hours before Mr. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

this was 1963. a time when the country was portrayed as having a mission to repel the evils of communism and socialism, and here, standing in the crowd, was a man spewing the same type of hate we are seeing in this country now with President Obama.

it was eerie. it was unbelievable to me when i first saw it on the television. i was 17 at the time and i never saw this kind of thing back then.

the one thing different between 1963 and today is that the monsters who are spreading this hate today are more virulent and actually calling for the impeach and assassination of a President of the United States out loud ans supported and egged on by people who claim to be patriots and members of the media.


Anonymous said...

Your post brings to mind the hate aimed at GWB during his Presidency. Some of the signs people made then were just beyond hatred. Cripes, there were even books and movies made about assassinating the President. As long as nothing like that happens during Obama's presidency, I see no real cause for alarm.

Remember Jackie's quote about Oswald?:"He didn't even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights. it had to be some silly little Communist."

mike/ said...

i know it's happened in all presidency's. my amazement came from the man openly holding a sign like that in 1963. now, we see it on the news every day. it's just normal sadly.