11 August 2005

jesus, we have a problem...

The newest attempt to bring fact and creationism into alignment is that Noah brought dinosaurs onto his ark. The ark, by most figuring, is thought to have been about 450 feet in length depending on which measurement of "cubit" one uses. The height was about 45 feet with a 75 foot width. These measurement are giving the benefit of the doubt by using what is known as the "long cubit = 20.4 inches." Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark

If Noah brought dinosaurs on his ark, then just the brachiosaurids are a problem because the remains found of this species have been as long as 100 feet with the average being around 85 feet in length, a height of 40-50 feet, a width of 10-20 feet and weighing between 33-88 tons. Brachiosaurus "Arm Lizard"

That would mean that one male and one female brachiosaurus would be almost ⅓ the length of his ark and as wide if they were standing side by side with their heads sticking out in to the rain! What about the other dinosaurs, if they were all on the ark? How would they all fit with all of the non-dinosaurs?

...just asking.

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