06 August 2005

an anniversary...

Hiroshima - Bruce Silverstein

The picture above is from the Bruce Silverstein website with a retrospective of photos by Werner Adalbert Bischof. There are often photos of the aftermath of the a-bomb on the physical city of Hiroshima. This shows the aftermath on the person - one of the lucky ones.

Having grown up in the era of the possibility of total annihilation - the cold war - where we practiced getting under our desks at school, had fallout shelters in the basements of schools (my school still has the signs up), and the Cuban Missile Crisis, it's no wonder that the boomer generation and its progeny considers self-gratification most important. We were always told that we could die instantly and with no warning.

Live for the moment, buy as many toys as you can, enjoy yourself... there may not be tomorrow.

this is not a happy anniversary...

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