06 June 2010

long time...

long, long time...

i hadn't realized how long;

the most recent post - April 24th - was right before the last couple of surgeries i had to have, and they were the worst of all i've had over the last 2 1/2 years; even worse than the back surgeries;

i didn't realize how difficult these were going to be; i say these because they did two at the same time; the major one was a trans urethral resection of the prostate; the secondary one was the removal of a very large growth that grew very quickly on one of the testicles; luckily a benign cyst that had to be removed along with the epididymis;

(i know - too much information, but the truth is the truth)

the second one, understandably, was the most painful and uncomfortable; if you're male and never had something like this done, you can only imagine what the aftermath was like! thank the fates for Vicodin;

in the meantime, i've been spending most of my time using Facebook; it's quick; it's easy; and most of the time keeps you up-to-date;

i'm not completely sold on it, but it has been a really good source for news that doesn't make the major media;

of course, this is due to the fact that i've been fairly selective on who friends are; (friends is really quite a misnomer; only 5-6 on my list are truly friends in the real sense of the word!)

the worst seems to be passed, but they tell me it will take a couple of more months before most of the after effects go away;

i am rethinking a lot of things with this last episode of life and i am looking it over and deciding that another make-over is in order; i've done this before and always had a good time doing it;

i'm just not exactly certain what the change is going to be, but like i said, i want to have fun doing it...

glad to see you all again and there already is a monday morning mayhem ready for posting...

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