03 April 2010

this is the first post from the new iPad...

after five hours of exploring it and using it for the first time I have only one thing to say


this can really change computing for so many people.

I wasn't sure about getting one until a couple of days ago when I realized that most of the time I work connected and, even when I am working on other things, they have to be shared with others via email.

AND, though I primarily use a Macbook, this portability is unique.

With the addition of Pages as an app, the Apple word processing program, that i use all the time and convert to either Word documents or PDF for others to see, it suddenly dawned that it would work for me.

And it does!

One of the best features is being able to read newspapers that I read from around the world --- not to mention using it with FaceBook.

more to come...

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