02 December 2008

what's wrong with this picture?

It is a photo of one of the terrorists at the Mumbai train station, and the only one captured alive.

Mumbai Surviving Terrorist.jpg

And Gulf News has an interview with Sebastian D’Souza, the Mumbai Mirror photographer who took the chilling photographs of Mr. Qasab [also identified as Azam Amir Kasav] in the train station. Mr. D’Souza jumped from train to train on the platform, evading gunfire, in order to get the photographs, which show Mr. Qasab advancing, wearing cargo pants, a Versace T-shirt and black sneakers, with an assault rifle in hand.
New York Times, Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wearing cargo pants, a Versace T-shirt and black sneakers?

something tells me that this is not something bin Laden, Muhammed, or any of the Islamic fundamentalists would approve.


so how are we to take them seriously? they throw down denunciations of everything western and American and they wear Versace clothing to kill people.

that is how we are to take them seriously - as hypocrites, just like everyone else.

think about it. bin Laden himself is a multimillionaire from Saudi Arabia. they use all types of funding from sales of drugs, arms and contraband. they are just like every other organization that is into power and domination. they don't do things for their god. they do things for themselves.

the sad thing? i think that we are in for a very long period of these terrorist hypocrites. their egos have become huge. their dementia has taken on gigantic proportions. their need to use others to fulfill their needs by causing death of innocents as well as the believers they've duped to do their nasty deeds surpasses any legitimate reasons they give.

just another thing to multiply the funk i've been in for the last couple of weeks.

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