13 July 2005

i wonder...

"The Pennsylvania senator (Rick Santorum) recently penned a book, ''It Takes a Family," that blasts two-income families, divorce, cohabitation before marriage, and other social trends he considers liberal ills." Santorum resolute on Boston rebuke Insists liberalism set stage for abuse

What I wonder is if someone would ask him if (pardon my crudeness) he fucked his wife before their wedding night? I wonder if he'd answer the question? Truthfully?

I know this is not the point of the article, and it has a lot of important ones, but if he is such a straight arrow did he really have these conservative beliefs when he was younger? Do the points he espouses make him a consummate expert? He was raised a Catholic. I'm sorry. I was raised a Catholic and sex is the number one topic of catholic middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students - more so than their Protestant friends.

Well, did he have pre-marital sex?

just wondering...

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