10 April 2005

marche aux puces...

Marche aux Puces
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Literal translation: flea market.

The Marche aux Puces at St. Ouen on Paris' northern border is a trip. It has things for sale from pure junk to antiques that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a real trip.

It also can be a little dangerous with pickpockets and scam artists, but it is the real Paris in action. You see people from rags to mink walking down the cobblestone allees. You can find bargains and pay up the nose.

It is a very special place for me. I bought my first Patric LaRoche pieces here. Beautiful bronze nudes made in the old way of wax casting. They are all nudes but each has a special use. I have one piece that is a wine server that you put a bottle of wine into the arms of the woman who is dancing. I also have a set of knife rests designed as female nudes in yoga-like positions. They are marvelous.

Each day I think more and more of moving to Paris. It is a dream I have, but there is a lot of thought that has to go into it.

i'm just thinking out loud...

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